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Esri Innovation Program conducted a Web meeting on the following subject.  Here is the recording and resources:

Topic:  ArcGIS Notebooks in Higher Education  


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Many of you have asked for advice on managing access to Esri Training.  We have *good news* to share about recent updates to the Esri Training site that make it possible to enable access to *all* e-Learning using ArcGIS Online accounts.  This eliminates the need to connect your users to your organization in My Esri.


Access to e-Learning is now enabled automatically when Esri access is enabled for members of an ArcGIS Online organization.  This applies to enterprise logins as well as ArcGIS Online accounts created by an organization administrator.


To enable Esri access for multiple members at once, we recommend using either the Geo JOBE Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online or a script. 


Currently, enabling Esri access for multiple members at once is not possible through the standard ArcGIS Online user interface.  However, a request for this capability is posted at the ArcGIS Ideas site – see https://community.esri.com/ideas/9919 for details.  You can “vote up” this idea to raise its visibility/priority with the ArcGIS Online Development team.


Thanks to everyone who provided feedback and recommendations for the Esri Training site, and thanks to the Esri Training team for acting on those ideas for the Education Community’s benefit!

esritraining‌ #arcgisonline

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This webinar will outline strategies you can use to manage your institution’s ArcGIS Online organization efficiently, without writing custom scripts. GEO Jobe’s Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online empower administrators at higher education institutions to manage large numbers of users, credits, and licenses quickly and easily. You will learn how to lower your administrative efforts so you can concentrate on what you love doing - providing instruction and supporting your community so they can succeed in solving spatial problems. You’ll also learn what to do with ArcGIS Online users and their content when individuals move on from your organization during that annual rite of passage known as graduation.

Note that you'll need to pass through a registration page to view the webinar.

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Introducing Esri's Education License Modernization Program. July 21, 2016


Additional webinars and direct contacts to follow. Please join or follow this group to keep up with news about the program!

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Site License administrators, higher education users, and interested others, are invited to join us for a webinar about Esri’s Education Licensing Modernization project. The free webinar will take place on:

Thursday, July 21

1:00 pm Pacific / 4:00 pm Eastern

Angela Lee and I will reprise our presentation at the Education GIS/User Conference in San Diego, two weeks ago.  We’ll record the session for later viewing by those with schedule conflicts.

Meanwhile, our team is preparing to contact individual licensees soon about their new benefits. We’re starting with the larger consortium customers first. Please bear with us as we work through some 1,200 site licenses in the U.S. alone – each one of which is special in its own way.

I will post a confirmation message next week that includes contact information. I expect to use Adobe Connect as the webinar platform.

Best regards,


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