WebGISDR Fails with "cannot access the file"

01-22-2021 06:33 PM
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Hi All,

Portal, Server & DataStores are in different AWS Machines. Shared Location & Backup path is given as Portal machine Local drive letter "C:\\BKP" which is giving an error as below:


WebGISDR Log Infromation:
2021-01-21 09:24:03 INFO [main] com.esri.arcgis.webgis.client.WebGISDR - Starting the WebGIS DR utility.
2021-01-21 09:24:05 INFO [main] com.esri.arcgis.webgis.storageservice.file.FileStorageService - Initializing File Storage Service with Base Directory: C:\BKP
2021-01-21 09:28:45 INFO [pool-1-thread-2] com.esri.arcgis.webgis.component.service.impl.ServerDRService - The following ArcGIS Server has been backed up successfully:
Url: https://XXXX.XXXXXXX.com/server.
2021-01-21 09:28:46 ERROR [main] com.esri.arcgis.webgis.service.impl.WebGISDRDispatcher - Exception: Cannot access the file C:\BKP\WebGISSite1611221045940\server\jqzbc7ikdczdm2vv\20210121-090102-UTC.agssite.
2021-01-21 09:28:46 ERROR [main] com.esri.arcgis.webgis.client.WebGISDR - Cannot access the file C:\BKP\WebGISSite1611221045940\server\jqzbc7ikdczdm2vv\20210121-090102-UTC.agssite.

Any suggestions Please.

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Hi @VenkatTaladi,

Usually how I set it up, is to create a file share for the backup locations and edit the config file.

SHARED_LOCATION=\\\\sharedlocation\\location and BACKUP_LOCATION = \\\\sharedlocation\\location

just make sure that you share the folder with all the service account that you setup for the system other wise the server can't write to the file.

Kind Regards


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Yes, @HenryLindemann is correct; for a distributed deployment, (software on different machines), the SHARED_LOCATION needs to be a accessible by all machines, and the account running the software on each machine. For a single machine deployment, using a local path would work. Using a local path for the BACKUP_LOCATION would also work because it's only the DR tool that needs to write to the BACKUP_LOCATION path, (if it's on the file system, at least).

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I agree with the responses above. Please make sure that the machines and the account running the Portal/Server/DataStore services has permissions to the SHARED_LOCATION.

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