ArcGIS Web Adaptor Portal URL Modified During WebGIS DR Restore

01-14-2021 09:09 AM
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In the past month, the Portal URL in ArcGIS Web Adaptor was modified while a WebGIS DR restore was running and no one else was using the ArcGIS Enterprise server. This doesn't happen every time a restore runs.

Has anyone else seen this behavior?


  • 1 primary ArcGIS Enterprise server (Portal/Server/Data Store) called "fwwtesri01" connected to a web server (ArcGIS Web Adaptor for IIS) called "fwwtdevweb1".
  • Multiple backup sets of identically-configured servers (for instance, "StoutESRI2" runs Portal and talks to the world through "StoutESRI2-Web").
  • All running:
    • Windows Server 2019
    • 10.7.1 version of ArcGIS software

WebGIS DR process:

  • Backup: At 3 AM, take a full backup of the primary server
  • Restore: At 12 AM (before the backup), restore the most recent backup from the primary server

I've attached a screenshot of one of the backup servers and the corresponding WebGIS DR log file.

I plan to enable the most verbose logging possible to see if any additional information is available.

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I have ran into this.  Unfortunately I do not think there is anything you can do about it.  If there is a slight network or server glitch and it causes the webgisdr process to miss the step it results in corrupt addresses or even entire server sites. The webgisdr process renames the web adaptor name during the restore process and then towards the end puts it back to what it was.  I have been bugging the webgisdr team to put more error handling into this product.  It is a huge part of my enterprise workflow and sometimes causes major issues.

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