ArcGIS Enterprise Restore with WebGIS DR same machine with new machine name

02-13-2021 07:35 AM
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Hi all,
We have an installation of Arcgis Enterprise 10.6.1 on a single machine (server and portal federated).
For security reasons, and without planning, we have changed the internal domain name of the machine where the applications are installed (Portal, Server, Data Store and Web Adaptors).

After these changes our Enterprise environment was broken. Our customer support suggested using the file hosts configuration to map the internal IP address to the old internal FQDN. This solution worked well and, therefore, now, our Arcgis Enterprise is reachable and working well, but this configuration is not ideal for production...

We have applied the latest patches to our applications and used the webgis dr tool to back up everything, and now we are planning to restore a production environment with the new real FQDN machine name on the same machine without mapping the old name in file hosts.
We decided to proceed like this:

  • uninstall all applications,
  • deletion of the mapping of the old machine name in the file ... \ etc \ hosts
  • reinstall everything,
  • apply the same patches (or only the latest (cumulative?))
  • restore with webgis dr.

Reading this blog post {BLOG_link}, on a slightly different scenario {Migrate to a new machine in ArcGIS Enterprise using the WebGIS DR tool} we understood, thanks to this link {}, that the webgis dr tool can handle the machine name change.

This table show wich item or setting must be identical across deployments when running the webgisdr utility


Item or setting10.6.1, 10.7.x, 10.8

Public portal URLs


Services URL for federated servers


Registered data stores other than ArcGIS Data Store


ArcGIS Server directory paths (for example, arcgisjobs)


Security information (LDAP URLs, proxy information)


Deployment type (single machine or highly available)


Private portal URL


Admin URL for federated servers


Machine names


Portal content directory


ArcGIS Server configuration store


Is there anyone who has successfully tried this solution for our problem?
Any other steps to keep in mind in this work?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Other, useful information:

  • public host name (not modified)
  • zzz.www.local old private host name
  • name of the machine in the portal [... / portaladmin / machines] zzz.www.local
  • machine name on server [server / admin / machines] zzz.www.local
  • machine name in Data Store [... / server / admin / data / items / enterpriseDatabases / AGSDataStore_ds_DBNAME / machines] zzz.www.local
  • federation using this server name [.../portal/portaladmin/federation/servers]
  • Webgis dr output in --export mode
Starting the WebGIS DR utility.
The basic backup time and configuration in the current Web GIS
-------------------------------------------------- -----------
Portal: at 2/7/21 22:27
| - Hosting Server: at 2/7/21 22:27
| |
| | - Relational data archive: https: //zzz.www.local: 2443 / arcgis


Greetings Pierpaolo

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Yes I have done this many times.  You can achieve this by temporarily manipulating your server host file entry where you run the webgisdr restore. In addition machine names do not mean a whole lot if you use your webadaptor url as your admin connection. 

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