GIS datasets for vaccine-preventable diseases in refugees research

08-07-2019 03:15 PM
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The project I am working on is for my doctorate degree and I am getting ready to submit the research proposal. I would like to use Geodata sets to answer the question of what is the burden of vaccine-preventable diseases among refugees and then recommend a spatial strategy to mitigate this burden. I was hoping that you all can direct me to some Geodata sets or Geodata resources that I can access (and build a Geodata set from, for example geodata on diphtheria in refugees). I am planning to then take my project and of course write the required dissertation, but create a storymap out of it about vaccine-preventable disease for refugees and ways to mitigate it. Also, at my defense I would like to have built a GeoApp that people can download and have the map and data on their own to look at (I might eventually need some help with that once I have compiled the data and created the storymap). I am a doctorate student in the Health Science program at A.T. Still University in the global health concentration.  Thank you for your help.

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