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10-03-2018 11:24 PM
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I am working with a project where we need to develop a routing and nav system which allows the user to generate a route from his house to his workplace. The objective is to integrate the normal network analyst route which takes care of the main highways, streets till the entrance of the premises. This is the easy part.


The problem starts with the routing within the campus, i.e. from the main gate to the parking and then interiors of the building which includes the building, floors and room. Assuming the scenario, where the user knows address of the room but not the exact location of the room, he/she needs to navigate to that location from the current location.


As per my understating after watching the ArcGIS Indoors walkthroughs and workflows, it is possible to build a dataset which enables me to process the above-mentioned request. For this I need to have a separate network for the premises which should include the roads for the campus and the line information for the connectivity of the escalators, stairs and rooms. Unfortunately, there is not much documentations available and Esri has not yet released any documents for Indoors. The videos that are available on YouTube (ArcGIS Indoors - YouTube ) also have some gaps, so you cannot follow them to modify the workflow to fit the requirement.


I found a 5-year-old post on Geonet with a similar description. Network Analyst for wayfinding in indoor environments The suggestions provided on that post are not working out for us.


What I want to know is if there is a way where I can integrate the routing from the main highways to indoors, basically how to integrate the two separate networks.


Is there any timeline for the help or any documentation for ArcGIS Indoors?


Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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Take a look at Street Map Premium, which is editable using an overlay. If

you have an existing road centerline, you won't need it. What SMP does is

offer a vertex that floats over the data from NAVTEQ or a similar

organization. You might be able to link ArcGIS Indoors to that. You can

definitely get Navigator to work with it.

You might be disappointed with the base maps in Navigator, in some cases it

expects you to create your own raster tiles as a .tpk.

Compressing mobile map packages is flaky and takes lots of time. A small

city is about one hour, a county one to two hours, and a region beyond

three counties is essentially impossible. It cannot be stored in the

tablet or phone microSD card. ESRI insists that it be in system memory, so

I hope you have expensive company phones. It will take seven to ten hours

to process. In some cases, it would fail six times and work the seventh


I haven't worked with Indoors. I have worked with ArcReader combined with

CAD floor plans in GIS. The linework was way full of short segments, I

suggest making that smaller so Indoors and ESRI can handle it without

barfing. FME or Data Interoperability might help.

Also, take a look at BIM integration with Archibus or Autodesk. Bentley

also has building information modeling software, and Tririga is from IBM.


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This was done several times as student projects, but the network route setup was fairly easy since our campus has extensive georeferenced cad data which included building door entries, ramps, paths and our extensive intra-building tunnel system.  Converting 'hallways' to road centerlines was one issue as was creating points at classroom door entries was another.  There were attributes for the latter enabling  an 'address creation'.  Just what I can remember so far.  But the ultimate purpose was to see the routes that would be taken by students with differing modes of transportation ( walking, bike, bus, car) from the same address to the same classroom.  It was interesting

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Take a look at multi-modal network dataset tutorial that shows how to combine two different line feature classes into one network dataset.

Exercise 2: Creating a multimodal network dataset—Help | ArcGIS Desktop 

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Thank you for replying and sharing the link. I will go ahead and check it out.

Meanwhile, what we are  trying to achieve is to basically integrate the 2D network (route for car or some other vehicle) with the 3D network ( essentially a route that the user needs to go on foot within the premises from the parking lot).

I know for a fact that if I merge both the networks together then it will pose an issue of incorrect routing in a scenario where a user needs to travel from one side of the road to another without having to travel from within the campus area. To put it in a nutshell we need to basically integrate routing from a simple Network Analyst and routing from ArcGIS Indoors in a single app.


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