My work space environments are not synchronizing to the default geodatabase

11-15-2017 03:11 PM
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My current and scratch workspaces are not synchronizing to the default geodatabase. Initially I noticed that my workspaces kept defaulting to a random folder that I have on my local C drive. I have been able to set it back to the Default.gdb created by ArcGIS using ArcCatalog, as that is a better option than the random folder.

However, I would like the workspaces to synchronize with whatever geodatabase I set as the default in ArcMap (for example the geodatabase in my home folder). In the Esri help webpage for ArcMap, it says in numerous places:

'In ArcMap, the Scratch Workspace and Current Workspace environments are synchronized by default to the map document's default geodatabase. To learn more, see Setting the default geodatabase'.

The instructions for setting the default geodatabase are:

'Right-click the geodatabase to see its context menu and click Make Default Geodatabase.'

I follow these steps, but the workspaces do not synchronize to the default geodatabase that I have set. Furthermore, this is evident when I use any geoprocessing tools as it automatically puts the output in the workspace gdb not the default geodatabase I set.

I know I could just manually change the workspace environments every time, however, would rather not if I don't have to as this is time consuming for repetitive tasks.

Does anyone know what my issue might be?

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