Can I add global ID's to an existing feature layer in order to allow the sync capability?

06-11-2020 03:25 PM
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I have a few feature layers published to ArcGIS Portal that I want to allow for offline map use in explorer.The feature layers are versioned and all in the same database, and they are referenced by a few different services.

The map i want to be downloadable in Explorer does not have to be editable from the field.

One of the conditions for downloadability is to have the sync capability enabled, which if i try to do from Server Manager I get the error layers not configured for sync. (see attached photo)

I after reading a bunch of documentation I think adding Global ID's is the main requirement for enabling Sync capability, but I cant find much on any consequences or downsides of applying GUIDs.

   - will the feature layer still function properly when I edit a feature

   - will my existing relationship classes (that do not use the objectIDs!) work regardless of the existence of a global id?

   - what else changes when apply guid's from a management, editor, or portal admin standpoint?


Im basically looking for some guidance before i go off clicking things without a plan and make my job much harder than it should be.

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