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Is there a more accurate way to collect race & ethnicity data?

03-25-2022 08:21 AM
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Clinton J. brought up a good point last week at the Midwest UC. The census standards for race & ethnicity data collection were established back in 1997 by the U.S. Office of Management & Budget! It hasn't changed much. In a perfect world, how should these numbers be classified to be more inclusive- especially with more people identifying as multiracial? 

Has anyone's municipality or organization modernized these categories in recent surveys? Has anyone ventured beyond the two "Hispanic or Latinio/Not Hispanic or Latino" catatories? 

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Hello  this is an interesting topic.  I've been keeping up with a Reparations discussion in California.  There is a call for the disaggregation of the Black/ African American data.  There has been discussion on a modernized category for "Black" Americans. The category  could possibly group Black Americans descended from  slavery in America .  I am very interested in the   backstory and  the methodology  you would explore to define the categories you are questioning in your post. California Task Force on Reparations Votes to Limit Compensation to Descendants of Slaves [UPDATED] ...

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