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07-16-2015 02:37 PM
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I have created a Solar Potential app for the City of Ashland Conservation Division.

The purpose is to encourage Ashland residents and businesses to install new solar electric systems interconnected with the electrical supply grid, the City of Ashland offers financial incentives for qualifying installations.

Data Creation

  • Initially we used our own Lidar data and calculated solar potential using Solar Radiation Tools. This part was done by my colleague Lea Richards
  • We then converted the raster to points. There were a few million points. (I ran out of space on my computer)
  • From there we clipped all points within 5 feet of a building.
  • I then got help from geonet to write a python script that  Selected the top 20% of records.

        **This was done because it we wanted a better value when a user clicked on a building. Since they would not be using most of their building for  the calculation.

  • With the top 20% selected, statistics were ran to get a value for average daily solar energy for each month.
  • The next step was to add the data to our webapp.


I am using CMV - Configurable Map Viewer for this app because when I stated WAB was not really a viable option.

I had to write my own widget to calculate the average values for the points on the building.

The user can now draw their own system and get a result about if they have a good site for a solar panel.

CMV - Configurable Map Viewer

If you have questions or suggestions for the Solar app please contact me 


  Rickey, GIS Analyst
City of Ashland, Public Works
20 East Main Street, Ashland OR 97520