Mostly Mapping Map of the Week - Health Insurance Coverage for Minorities

02-23-2021 08:09 PM
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The Census Bureau's American Community Survey (ACS) is an invaluable resource, now published via ArcGIS Living Atlas. This map (actually an app using the Compare configurable app) uses ACS data to take a closer look at health insurance coverage for minorities.

The left map contains 2010-2014 ACS layers and the right contains the current year ACS data which is 2015-2019. The symbology is the same to enable easy visual comparisons. 

Zoom in a bit or navigate to your area of interest for the best comparison results.

Click the (i) button in the upper right for more info about the app and the ACS content used in it. al comparison. Click



The visual results can be quite dramatic. Take a look at this area near Atlanta, Georgia (click the image to view a larger version).




The Compare configurable app is one of the swipe/comparison apps that you can use for visual exploration and analysis covered. All swipe/comparison apps were recently covered in Apps you can use to swipe or compare.

ACS content can be found in Living Atlas, or by searching for "ACS" when authoring a web map using Map Viewer.

This is one of many Living Atlas ACS-based maps and layers that you you can use to discover more about your community.

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