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09-20-2016 12:42 PM
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These are great instructions. Can you give an example of where you would use this? Like a case use basis for this? Or maybe where you have found it beneficial to your line of work?

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Thank you, Adrian,  the reason I did this was because I remember in the old days when someone wrote an AML to run a lot of coverage. So, for example if you work a lot of shapefiles or whatever and you have to run batch. The batch toolbox is a nice but it is pain when you have like at least 10 of them. You want to rename each them for the output shapefiles. So, this way when I set it up what I wrote really helped me a lot. Every time I work on a project, I tried to do find ways to make my job easier.  So, I just wanted to share and maybe someone out there might have  similar that we or they can share with. Just suggesting.

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