2017 Esri User Conference Quick Thoughts - Continued (Balboa Park)

07-17-2017 12:27 PM
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This blog post is a continuation of my main Esri User Conference‌ blog post (the other got too long):


(I think I fixed the links. Let me know in the comments if you cannot see pictures!)

Next up: Balboa Park Party!!

This is where the six-year-old can really have a good time!

Tons of people, though the lines went fast for the food:

Frozen chocolate bananas:

People on stilts:

Amazing Balboa scenery (with really low flying airplanes):

Priceless works of art (don't worry, these youngins didn't touch any of the Claude Monet paintings!):

Super long foosball tables:

Bomb pops and great music:

I could post about a million miniature train pictures but I'll stick to just one (this guy was cool):

Though, I have to post this donkey picture since everyone really seemed to like it!

Very lively and fun live music:

Of course you have to have cotton candy:

The Fleet Science Center is likely the kids' favorite museum:

It helps that the special attraction was video games. Here is a huge arcade-size version of Pong:

There was a milkshake station... purely awesome:

The Natural History Museum had great energetic music from Soulcirque:

(here is a video clip: Adrian Welsh on Twitter: "Awesome music tonight from @soulcirque! #EsriUC #EsriUCParty #SharkGIS @Ba... )

And, of course, #SharkGIS :

See twitter posts about the party here: #EsriUCParty hashtag on Twitter 

#esriucparty • Instagram photos and videos 

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