ITRF 2005 coordinates conversion to lat and long

03-19-2020 08:40 AM
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I am an engineer working in solar sector, recently I received the coordinates of about 30 sites for solar projects in Rwanda in the format that later was communicated was 

  • Projected Coordinate System: ITRF_2005
  • Projection:   Transverse_Mercator
  • False_Easting:       500000.00000000
  • False_Northing:     5000000.00000000
  • Central_Meridian: 30.00000000
  • Scale_Factor:          0.99990000
  • Latitude_Of_Origin: 0.00000000
  • Linear Unit:       Meter
  • Geographic Coordinate System: GCS_ITRF_2005
  • Datum:    D_ITRF_2005
  • Prime Meridian: Greenwich
  • Angular Unit:      Degree

I simply want to plot my points on google earth using their lat and long but nowhere on the internet I could convert them. 

I am attaching the excel files with the coordinates below,

Thank you for your help. 

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ITRF is  a Geographic Coordinate System, you've been told the incorrect Projected Coordinate System or values, or both.

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