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Session run by Hunter Key, GIS Manager at Georgia Coastal Regional Commission


May 19th – May 21st

Hazus Translator Process


Objective: To collectively work through the Data Interoperability process translating Local WinGap data to Building Inventory data. This class will work through the first 2 parts of the workflow created by The Polis Center. Specifically working with the Data Sources and Inventory. Sections III and IV focus on utilizing HAZUS-MH software to update the data into HAZUS and then run the Risk Assessment and were  covered in earlier training.


Day 1 – Monday December 19th


10:00 am – Introduction / system set up / overview of the manual          

                Attendees will need to bring the following

  1. Computer Aided Mass Appraisal (CAMA) date export from the county they will be working on. (If you have more than one county and have more than one person from your RC attending it may be a good idea to work on different counties)
  2. Parcel geometry for the county they will be working on
  3. Data Interoperability extension installed on their computer ( I have a request out to ESRI for demos so all can work through the workflow)
  4. Download and install the Bulk Rename Utility
  5. Download the RegionW_2 – WinGap Template folder from the drop box (this will be uploaded just prior to the session with a new manual)


11:00 – Orientation to the FME Workbench environment


11:30 -  Task 1.1.1 & Task 1.2 in the Workflow manual


                Task 1.1.1 – Create Region W from Templates


                Task 1.2  - Download Data sources


12:00 – Lunch on your own ( If we want to do a small registration fee $30 ? CRC can order and get food options for the 3 days)


1:30 pm – Finish exercises to complete Task 1.1.1 & 1.2


2:00  pm – Task 1.3 Install Hazus Updates – Discuss the Essential Facilities data

At the GA URISA conference in November 3- 5 I met with Lawton and Jimmy at ITOS regarding this project. They indicated some trepidation by GEMA with the current state of Essential Facilities.  We will discuss this and move forward accordingly.


2:30 pm – Task  1.4 Export Boundaries.


3:00 – 5:00  pm – Task 1.5  Create Buildings

                       Task 1.5.0  - Make CAMA tables – Discuss best practices and common issues for errors.


                        Task 1.5.1  - Make CAMA Domains –

                      Task 1.5.2 – Create impCama – Look in-depth at the at the database structure and set up for re-using the structure for future tasks.



Day 2 - Tuesday December 20


8:30 am – Task 1.5.2 – Continue working on the set up

                    This is the most labor intensive step  where the user must assign a hzOccCode to the counties data. This is subjective but we collectively need to be similar.



11:30 – Lunch


12:30 – Task 1.5.2 – Load the edited Matrix tables into the transformer 12_Make_ImpCAMA


2:00 pm Task 1.5.3 – Create impPoints



3:00  - 5:00 pm Task 1.5.4 – Make Buildings - **Important note** editing the Attribute Copier and the added value of “assessment year”



Day 3 - Wednesday  December 21


8:30 am – Task 1.5.5 QC Buildings



9:30 am – Discuss and go over QC results


10:00 am – Discuss the types of transformers and highlight the “value mapper” transformer and what tools require attention to the value mapper.


11:30 am – Group choice work through the Essential Facilities tools or work through the Extended Products tools (Parcel, Land Use, Addressing)


12:00 – lunch


1:00 – 5:00  pm – Essential Facilities or Extended Products. 

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