XY to Line OID Error (Error 000072)

12-11-2023 12:23 AM
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Dear All,

I have the error "Warning 000072: Cannot process feature with OID -1". I checked the file there is no NULL rows. I use CSV but I  also converted it to Excel sheet using "table to table" but I still got the same error. Some lines appear on the map but not all of them. Also, the lines on the map seem to move out of the map. The original image should be the image named 1.jpg. But the error I get is the image named 2.jpg. Would you please help me?




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what do the coordinates look like?  I would guess that you've not chosen a spatial reference and it has defaulted to WGS84 which from your 2nd picture is clearly incorrect.  The tool is likely seeing coordinates out-of-bounds and failing.

What is the spatial reference/grid system etc. of your coordinates?  You need to specify that in the tool input.

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