Heatmap of selected features - Geoprocessing service with Kernal density tool

07-12-2011 09:41 AM
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I need to create heat map of a point layer based upon the clustering as all the points have same weight age. I am using Kernal density tool to create heat maps. I was able to create heat map for the entire layer ??? selecting default values for radius , cell size and setting Population field as ???None ??? as all the points have same weightage.

I need to create the heatmap for selected set of features. Instead of the entire layer , if I pass selected features .( I use Data Analysis select tools to create a Featureclass based upon some query ) and pass this Featureclass as an input to kernel density tool. ), I get an empty raster layer heatmap. The raster layer shows in the result menu but nothing is created. I have tried using default parameters for cell size , radius and also tried other alternatives but after running the model ( I have clubbed data analysis select option and  Kernal density tool in one model so that output Featureclass of Select analysis function  can be connected to Kernal density tool) .

The model output shows raster layer, but when I navigate to the path , nothing is available . I m not sure if the layer is empty or nothing is executed.

Any help in this direction will be really appreciated.

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