Gravity Model

08-10-2019 01:58 AM
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I am trying to find out the interaction(p1 * p2 /d 2) between various cities. Suppose i have 4 cities, then i have around 6 pairs of interaction values ( no duplicates ). Now i want to map the interactions to ArcMap. How can i do that? 

Till now these are the steps i have done,( Proof of model concept) 

-point distance between cities( A,B,C,D) which resulted in 6 pairs with no duplicate pairs (AB,AC,AD,BC,BD,CD).

-Calculated populations and distance for the above 6 pairs and found interaction index in dbf format using gravity formula.

Now, how do i map the interaction index into Arcmap to create a raster surface.I want to create the surface for the CITY PAIRS and "NOT "  for individual cities.

I hope i have explained my problem clearly, if not i can upload screenshots.

I really appreciate your thoughts on this matter.

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