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Converting WGS 84 UTM to WGS 84 lat/long

04-16-2013 04:05 PM
New Contributor
I have geo-referened TIFF files (WGS 84 UTM zone 57S) and corrected GPS data (WGS 84 lat/long). When I display both of these in a desired polar stereographic (WGS 84, -71 deg. Latitude of true scale) projection, they are out by 100-200 m of each other. Possible inaccuracies in the data should be <20 m for geoTIFFs and <1 m for GPS data, therefore I believe and have been advised that it is a spatial reference/projection issue.

Will converting the WGS 84 UTM files to WGS 84 lat/long, instead of just forcing the UTM files into a stereographic display projection solve this problem?

How is this possible in ArcGIS?

Many thanks.
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