Calculating number of features what are located within a distance

11-20-2020 02:30 AM
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I have two data sets:

Home Point - locations of peoples' homes

Important Places - locations of important places marked by each person

I would like to check how many IP (important places) are located within a distance of 500m from HP (home). I have a table with related information about HP and IP (which IP belongs to which respondent). I calculated Spatial Join using HP as join feature and IP as target feature. I used join one to many function. The result is a table with all IP that are located within the distance of 500m from any HP. How can I find out which couples are correct?

Is it the right method I am using? Do you advice using some other option? The important thing is that I need to check the important places merked by a specific person (not any person).

I will be grateful for any advices. 



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You want to count the number of IP's within 500m of each house?

Looks like your join feature and target feature are the wrong way round.

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yes, I want to calculate the number of IP's that are located within the distance of 500m of the respondent's house who marked it. OR to calculate distance from HP to IP's of each respondent and then see which IP are located closer than 500 m.


What are your suggestions?

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