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Esri Contributor

Our colleagues at Esri France have launched a new developer related blog in French, called CodeTheMap.

It can be accessed at

Please go ahead and have a look at this blog if you are interested in reading more about your favorite work in French!

The initial focus of the blog will be on the ArcGIS API for Javascript but Sébastien Szollosi has promised us to also cover our other APIs, such as the ArcGIS API for Python, to talk about ArcGIS Runtime, or for example also about ArcGIS Arcade.

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New Contributor III

Hey GeoDevs

If you haven't already registered for our upcoming Meetup next Tuesday, hurry up

You will definitely miss an interesting opportunity to hear how others are developing with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. Not to mention the inspiring conversations with other Devs later on.

Detailed information as well as the possibility to join the event can be found directly here on GeoNet -

We are looking forward to seeing you all there!

Your GeoDev Switzerland-team

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New Contributor III

Hey GeoDevs from Switzerland!

It was great seeing so many of you at our first Meetup in Zurich and sharing with you the latest tech-news from Esri.

As there were many requests, you can find the presentation right here: Meetup 01 - Esri Developer Summit Follow-up - Presentation 

Please post your questions from the event right here in the GeoNet space and we will try to find answers to all of them together with you.

We are also on the hunt for new interesting GeoDev Meetup topics and are asking ourselves: Will you be the next Meetup host?

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New Contributor III

Sign - Come In We

© Czarina Alegre

Finally, the GeoNet space for our GeoDev Switzerland-community has arrived:

We are looking forward to start discussing and collaborating with you on all sorts of GeoDev-topics.

Spread the word and bring in more GeoDevs!

As you will have recognized, this post is written in English:
Please have a look at and tell us, what you think.

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