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Upgrade from MS SQL 2008 and Arc sde 10 to latest version

04-26-2016 11:45 AM
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Currently we are using ArcDesktop 10, ArcGIS server 10 and ArcSDE 10 along MS SQL 2008 64 bit sp2 now we are going to upgrade Arcgis desktop, server  to latest version and we are also planning to Migrate fro MS SQL 2008 to MS SQL 2014 or any latest stable version.

1. Please someone can give me lead and hints about steps

2. Is it recommended to use sql geometry rather than sde geometry

Asrujit SenGupta​ Please provide your valuable inputs

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You can refer to some old threads for reference steps related to the migration. Like this one below:

Migrate from OLD SDE Server to New One

An SDE Geodatabase in SQL Server can have three storage types -- SDE Binary, Geometry and Geography. Are you looking to choose between SDE Binary and Geometry?

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Thanks for you reply

After going through the link Methods to move a geodatabase in SQL Server—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop

Currently we don't have latest version of Arcgis or sql but we are going to have it soon. so I'm just wondering.

1. Will this is applicable also for upgrade from MS SQL 2008 and Arc sde 10 to latest version of Sql server and ArcSde ( In case we decide to use it)

2. Do we need to do some extra steps to use this data in Arcmap and publish services from Arcgis server.

Yes we want to choose between SDE Binary and Geometry. It will be appreciated if you can which one is preferred and some advantages and disadvantages like

1. Will Arcobjects will work on SDE Binary, Geometry.

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