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Is there a way to copy a Enterprise Geodatabase (SDE) to another remote location with out shutting down the database.

05-25-2016 11:48 AM
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We want to copy an enterprise geodatabase (SDE) from one location to another without shutting down the source database.  We can use either SQL Server or Oracle.  The dba's tell us they need to shutdown the database, which is an issue because users could have geoprocessing scripts running.  ESRI replication is not an option because we have ETL's that delete and recreate feature classes.

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How big the geodatabase like how many feature dataset, feature classes and what is the maximum number of columns and rows a feature class has.

You can use copy and paste option in Arccatalog or geoprocessing tool to transfer data from one geodatabase to other after deleting them from receiving end. By stating so, the time taken for copy and paste should be suitable to your workflow. This process can be automated using python.

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Another question is to understand your overall requirement so that we can suggest if there is any better approach to it. Please explain your holistic requirement and will go from there.

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We have SDE on Oracle.  Weekly, we run RMAN that restores into a 'published' instance for consumption and to keep load away from the editing/managed instance.

Our DBA's set this up by:

1. Perform RMAN duplicate:

duplicate database to 'GISPUBLISHED' skip tablespace ORTHOS backup location 'F:\exports\GISPUBLISHED\RMAN';

2. Scheduled through Windows task scheduler, runs on the weekends not anytime near scheduled server backups.

The DB is only 2GB and takes approx. 20 minutes.

The published DB will drop while getting restored... but it's a copy so, whatev - doesn't kill dependent map services or the prod instance.

Depending on oracle version, you may have to delete some files:

del e:\oradata\GISPUBLISHED\*.* /q

del F:\fast_recovery_area\GISPUBLISHED\*.* /s /q


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