How does ArcMap generate bounding boxes for spatial queries?

08-14-2017 06:20 AM
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we have a utility customer who has significantly different display performance in ArcGIS 10.2.1 (the "utility version") when displaying the same MXD on two different client machines for the same ST_GEOMETRY feature classes in the same database (Oracle 12.1). We checked the usual suspects (network latency, CPU speed etc.), but we found from Oracle traces that Oracle does significantly more work when the Mxd is displayed from client 1 than from client 2 (data is in the buffer cache for both cases, so no disk reads in either trace).

We then looked at the spatial queries which look basically like this:

SELECT  ... FROM MyFeatureClass WHERE
SDE.ST_EnvIntersects(MyFeatuerClass.SHAPE,:1,:2,:3,:4) = 1

Bind variables :1 through :4 contain the bounding box coordinates in map units, and we found that ArcMap generates significantly different bounding boxes for the same Mxd from the two different clients. The Mxd has group layers, and the effect is different for the different group layers: Layers in one group layer show very little difference, whereas another group layer has bounding boxes that are 8 times as wide (and 8 times as high).

I would have thought that ArcMap basically uses the visible map extent as a bouding box, and that is what we see on the fast client, but where does it get the large values for the slow client?

I'd open a tech support case, but I have no idea how to reproduce the problem ...

I have plenty of details if anyone is interested...

Thanks for any ideas, Martin

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Hi, after some further tests we found out that this behaviour - slow display performance in combination with oversized bounding boxes - is a bug that was introduced after 10.2.1 UTUP3. UTUP3 is fine, UTUP5 and later  show this problem. This issue is probably only relevant with a large number of layers (> 100) and at large scales, but in our case, screen refresh times are more than doubled with UTUP7 compared to UTUP3.

Tech support has created BUG-000109043 for this issue.


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Are you still experiencing issues with this problem? If not, then it might be a good idea to mark your response as "correct answer" to close out this thread.

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