ERROR 999999: Something unexpected caused the tool to fail. when trying to script Summarize Within

05-21-2020 06:34 AM
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I have a set of line segments and a group of grids that I would like to summarize within for each line feature class.  When trying to script multiple instances of arcpy.SummarizeWithin it fails with ERROR 999999: Something unexpected caused the tool to fail.  I can comment out the successful one and run the script again and it will summarize the next fine.  It is as if I can only use the SummarizeWithin tool once per script.


Python 3.6.9

ArcGIS Pro 2.5

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Sounds like you have identified a software defect.  I would encourage you to log an issue with esri support.  Sounds like you have a good workflow for them to recreate the issue.

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Have had this happen now with multiple data sets - this one is summarizing attributes of points inside of polygons - so, I guess my question is, "is this a known bug?" - I will turn it in to Esri Support, but this has been going on awhile and I am at v. 2.6.  I have had this issue at least since 2.5.

I have some old workflows that we did in 2.4 where this wasn't broken.

Anyone else having this?  If you CAN make it work, let us know the secret!


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Anyone following this - here is what I discovered:  you must have the "read" data and the "analyzed data" be in the same form/format.  As long as they are the same, it will work.  I will submit this as a bug, but in reading the error message suggestions that I found in searching this, I happened upon something that pushed me to try this.  FGDB<>FGDB works.  SDE in SQLServer<>SDE in SQLServer works.  - Source/target mixtures such as FGDB>SDE in SQL Server or the reverse will fail.

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