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Hello and Welcome!

This group is a special place for members of FIG Young Surveyor's Network such as yourselves to discuss geographic information systems, coordinate with others using the ArcGIS Online YSN organization and to hopefully find answers to many of your questions as well as some inspiration.

After airing our first webinar on ArcGIS Online, I think we all realized how we are a diverse group from countries all around the world. What would happen if we all shared our ideas with one another, and if the common language we used to share was through something as simple (or complex) as a map? 


Please make this space yours. You can write blogs, ask questions, and get the latest webinar video to download. 

I and other Esri staff will be around to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for joining the FIG YSN GeoNet community!

Katherine Smyth

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