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The People

The Esri Federal GIS Conference is the only event in North America catering specifically to federal employees interested in learning about the spatial significance of their data. Join more than 4,500 federal professionals to learn how all levels of government use The Science of Where to solve the world's greatest challenges. Whether you are using mapping to determine the impact of natural disasters and epidemics, decide where to organize conservation efforts, or predict national security threats, you will find a core group of industry leaders doing something incredible at the Esri Federal GIS Conference.

New Tech Trends

Give yourself a chance to experience what happens when you bring 4,500 federal professionals together to talk best practices and possibilities and discuss how the major agencies see the future of data analysis. You don't need a deep technical background to see how data visualization is changing the world. The workshops, booth demos, partners, and agency collaboration provide insight into the future of data integration and federal decision-making.

Enhancement of Your Education

Participate in any of more than 125 workshops, sessions, and Hands-On Learning Lab exercises to get maximum training in just two days. Each hour-long workshop will focus on a specific topic—such as defense, facilities, or public safety—while other attractions are more tech oriented, including workshops on Web GIS, spatial analysis, Python, and real-time geographic information system (GIS) technology. We offer a station where you can customize your own certificate of attendance based on the workshops you participate in during the conference.

Apps for Everyone

Governments need especially effective ways to communicate with specific audiences. Whether you need to reach the general public or particular stakeholders, powerful ArcGIS apps let you do this and more. Learn about the more than 30 different configurable app templates and the powerful storytelling capabilities in Esri Story Maps. Create map-based apps that can be used inside your organization, embedded on websites, or shared with the world. With these apps, you can

  • Engage your community.
  • Showcase plans, projects, and infrastructure.
  • Crowdsource community observations, input, and data.
  • Educate decision-makers.

The Science of Where

We believe that digital transformation is leading government and society into a new technological frontier. As the global market leader in GIS, Esri provides the world's most powerful mapping and spatial analytics software to help organizations everywhere solve problems in real time. We help companies and organizations see data in new ways, improve operational and business results, and unlock their data's full potential. Our customers and users—in manufacturing, retail, utilities, telecommunications, government, defense, and dozens of other industries—use our ArcGIS platform for location intelligence to visualize, interpret, analyze, understand, and exploit all types of data. We call this The Science of Where.

Have you registered yet? If not, click here! The conference is in January this year so you don't want to miss out.

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