Working with Parcel Data in ArcGIS Pro Class Resources

04-29-2020 10:29 AM

Working with Parcel Data in ArcGIS Pro Class Resources

Welcome to the GeoNet resources for the Working with Parcel Data in ArcGIS Pro course

If you are interested in the older ArcMap Parcel fabric, take the Editing and Maintaining Parcels Using ArcGIS course and see this GeoNet Page.

The ArcGIS Parcel Fabric Place is your main source for Parcel Fabric information on GeoNet.

Many of the presentations that get posted as videos can be attended live on the Parcel Fabric MeetupBe sure to sign up for announcements!

The Parcel fabric help is your authoritative guide to the Parcel fabric.

Here are some other useful resources for working with the parcel fabric in ArcGIS Pro:

This one-hour training seminar “Managing Parcels with ArcGIS Pro“ will introduce you to the concepts...

Here's how to display lines with points showing all the vertices

Tutorial to split parcels in a parcel fabric

A help topic for configuring editing properties of a feature service (including true curve editing)

Here's how to search for Esri parcel solutions


National Geodetic Survey

The National Geodetic Survey has numerous resources, tools, and datasets, including control points.

General resources regarding fundamental concepts of land records 

The Panda Consulting Bloghas an excellent explanation of general land records concepts.  This blog entry is somewhat dated, referring to the older ArcMap fabric, but the land records concepts described are timeless

Florida Association of Cadastral Mappers offers the following free online courses covering land records fundamentals:

FACM 01 - Mathematics for the Cadastralist

FACM 02 - Public Land Survey System for the Cadastral Mapper

FACM 03 - Interpretation of Real Property Descriptions

FACM 04 - Basic Map Compilation

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