Introduction to Geospatial Concepts for Intelligence Class Resources

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Introduction to Geospatial Concepts for Intelligence Class Resources

This two-day Esri ArcGIS Pro course introduces students from defense and intelligence communities to foundational-level geospatial concepts and how to apply them to support the intelligence cycle. In the context of real-world scenarios, you will get hands-on practice applying ArcGIS Pro tools and workflows to prepare, visualize, analyze, and disseminate data that supports intelligence operations.  Below is a collection of Esri resource links covering the topics of each lesson.


ArcGIS helps intelligence organizations integrate information at all phases of the intelligence cycle, from collection to dissemination.

Table of Contents







Lesson 1: Data preparation for operational planning

What is a Geodatabase

Feature classes

Feature Datasets



Lesson 2: Data and layer properties

Layer Properties

Repair broken data links


Display Layers at certain scales

Definition Query

Select By Location and Select By Attribute



Lesson 3: Spatial reference

Coordinate Systems



Lesson 4: Raster fundamentals

Raster Terms

Mosaic dataset


Lesson 5: Working with vectors

Create a New Feature class



Lesson 6: Introduction to spatial analysis

ArcGIS Pro Tool Reference

Analysis Tools

Spatial Analysis Tools

Raster Functions


Lesson 7: Map production

Layouts in ArcGIS Pro



Additional Web Based and Instructor-Led Training


Get Started with ArcGIS Pro Intelligence: This seminar will introduce ArcGIS Pro Intelligence, a configuration of ArcGIS Pro designed for the intelligence analyst in mind.


Learn ArcGIS: Guided lessons based on real-world problems.


Map Projections: Story Map focused on choosing a specific map projection depending on the purpose of the cartographic presentation and on which geometric characteristics to preserve.


Using ArcGIS for Geospatial Intelligence Analysis: This Instructor led course teaches geospatial concepts and recommended workflows that support the production of timely, accurate, and actionable intelligence.


Portal for ArcGIS: User Workflows (for Defense and Intelligence): This course prepares you to efficiently work with content on your organization's geospatial content portal to support intelligence production and dissemination.


Image Exploitation for Defense and Intelligence: This course introduces essential remote sensing and imagery concepts related to visualizing and analyzing imagery using ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Image Analyst software.


Technology Resources


Map Distortions: An interactive web-based tools showing map distortions of user selected Projected Coordinate Systems.


ArcGIS Solutions: Free industry-specific configurations for ArcGIS.


ArcGIS Solutions for Defense: ArcGIS Solutions for Defense includes a set of freely available maps, applications, templates, and widgets to support mission-critical activities of military forces.


Military Tools for ArcGIS: Military Tools for ArcGIS is a collection of new, mission-focused enhancements to simplify defense and intelligence workflows in ArcGIS.




What's new in ArcGIS Pro 2.6

Introducing Coordinate Systems and Map Projections


Intel Ops and Analysis with ArcGIS Pro for Intelligence Webinar




Anyone knows what is the Azimuth degree for Cartographic Hillshad? 

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