Instructor-led: Spatial Analysis with ArcGIS Pro Class Resources (v. 2.6)

01-04-2021 01:20 PM
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Instructor-led: Spatial Analysis with ArcGIS Pro Class Resources (v. 2.6)

Spatial Analysis in ArcGIS Pro Class Resources

This 3-day course teaches essential concepts and a standard workflow you can apply to any spatial analysis project. You will work with a variety of ArcGIS tools to explore, analyze, and produce reliable information from data. Course exercises use an Advanced license of ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS 3D Analyst, ArcGIS Spatial Analyst, and ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst.

Lesson 1: Building a foundation for spatial analysis


Lesson 2  Planning and preparing for spatial analysis


Lesson 3 Proximity analysis

  • The Esri Guide to GIS Analysis Volumes 1 and 3, Andy Mitchell, Esri Press.  Proximity, distance, and cost distance are discussed thoroughly.
  • ArcGIS Pro Help:
    • An overview of the Proximity toolset  This help topic provides the starting point in the ArcGIS Pro help for researching ArcGIS Pro proximity analysis tools.  Refer to the topics following below this one for details about each tool.
  • Web Courses:
    • Introduction to Proximity Analysis  In this course, you will discover how proximity analysis fits into the spatial analysis workflow and learn about proximity analysis methods. You will also use proximity analysis to answer spatial questions about a fictitious scenario.
    • Distance Analysis using ArcGIS Pro Learn to use ArcGIS Spatial Analyst to create raster surfaces that identify the shortest distance as well as cost-effective paths that reflect a project's specific criteria.

Lesson 4 Overlay analysis

Lesson 5 Automate spatial analysis workflows

ArcGIS Pro Help:

Web courses:

Instructor-led courses:

Lesson 6 Creating surfaces using interpolation

Lesson 7 Suitability modeling

Lesson 8 Spatial Statistics

Lesson 9: Space Time Analysis

Lesson 10: Regression Analysis

Lesson 11: Geographically Weighted Regression

Lesson 12: Geostatistical Interpolation

Lesson 13: 3D Analysis

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