Subscribe to ArcGIS patch notifications

09-27-2022 06:23 AM

Subscribe to ArcGIS patch notifications

Important Update
The subscription feature could not be migrated during our transition to the new Support website. Subscription features will return to the website, but we do not have a definitive timeline. You can share your feedback by clicking the Feedback tab on the Support website.

In the meantime, you can use the Support App on your mobile device to subscribe to patch notifications:

If you manage an ArcGIS deployment, you understand the value of keeping your installed software up-to-date with the latest patches. Depending on the size of your GIS or organization, it may be challenging to keep up with each product and its related patches. 

The easiest way to stay informed is through the Technical Support website - On this site, you can use the Products tab to look at specific ArcGIS products to see the latest downloads, knowledge articles, and much more. On this page, you can click 'Downloads' on the product page and then use the 'Subscribe' button to get notifications on new downloads for the individual product. 

Screen Shot 2022-09-27 at 9.13.58 AM.png


This method works well for individual products. However, if you have many ArcGIS products within your deployment, you may be looking for an easier way to get notified about all product downloads. To subscribe to all products, visit and click the Downloads tab in the navigation bar.

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These notifications link to your ArcGIS Account and the email address specified in the account. You can unsubscribe at any time by following the same workflows and clicking 'Unsubscribe.'


I've applied this technique at and it worked for me and solved many problems

Any chance you could update this for the new Support page, as the new page makes it almost impossible to find latest patches for specific versions. 

@JoshuaWatson3 I'm looking into this with the web team and will get back to you. 

In the meantime, here is a good starting point to search based on products and patches:

@AndrewMunn I wrote this doc when the old site was still around. 

Can you provide an update and timeline of when the website will have this feature re-added?

Our support site team understands that subscribing to products to get notified about support updates is an important feature for many customers.  Our previous site had problems with the subscription functionality.  We are evaluating better methods for providing subscriptions.  At this point, we do not have a timeline for when this will be available.

I had problems with the previous subscription functionality, but sad to see that it's been replaced with nothing. Inconsistent emails were better than no notifications. This functionality isn't supported in the new My Esri site, either, where ArcGIS Pro patches are released.

If you understand that this is an important feature for many customers, as stated in the original post by @ChristianWells and then in the comments by @AndrewMunn, why was it removed with no timeline for reinstatement and with no alternatives? Do you have any alternatives, after laying out the importance of this now-defunct feature?


Hi @StandardSupport

Thanks for your response. I don't know that I was aware of push notifications for patches and KB articles in the support mobile app - is there a blog post or other info advertising that? Unfortunately, that mobile app does not appear to be approved for installation at my organization, or our parent organization. I did come across an ArcGIS Companion app, which I'm also not familiar with.

Is this logged as an issue with Technical Support or Customer Service, or shall we stay tuned to the Community forums to track any progress on web-based notifications, if they are reinstated?


Hi @PaulHoefflerGISS ,

I accidently posted from a testing account, so I am posting again from my official Esri account.

Thanks for your feedback.  We have notifications for patches and knowledge base articles available through the support mobile app.  We thought that functionality would be sufficient while we developed new notification functionality on the support site.  The new site notification functionality is taking longer than we anticipated.  I apologize for the situation, and we will hopefully have more updates soon. Thanks.

As our organization license manager, I very much understand the value of keeping your installed software up-to-date with the latest patches!  I am requesting that you please make it a priority to put the patches and software release notification back in place.  And notify us when it's available!  Thank you!!!

I agree with the @FRAP_TiffanyMeyer. The subscription feature is very important. I'm hopeful this will be brought back for patch notification emails, etc. 


Any updates on patch notifications?


This is a necessary function for securing our environment.  Can we please get some kind of subscription-based notifications in place; especially for high-priority messages? 

We don't even get emails to the account owners about high-priority issues that could negatively impact customer's environments like the recent one about defective patching for ArcGIS Portal.  There might be banners on websites, but seriously ESRI, you can do better.  Look at what your customers are licensed for and at least send messages directly to them if there's an issue.  We shouldn't have to find out through the grapevine.


Users are not local administrators on their pcs in my organization.  We need to request IT to install updates, so we need a way for the IT department to be notified when there is an update to install, or so that I can forward the update message again.  Functionality via an App might be a nice extra convenience, but should never replace email/website notifications.  Please bring the SUBSCRIBE option back to the website.  Thanks!

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