What is the Distributor's Global Training Quarterly Newsletter?

03-23-2022 06:47 AM

What is the Distributor's Global Training Quarterly Newsletter?

For an Esri Distributor, it is important to stay connected with the teams and programs that support your work.  The Global Training Team releases an eNewsletter each quarter that outlines upcoming global initiatives, training information and resources, and certification program updates.  If you are part of the Global Training Community, the eNewsletter will keep you informed on recommended best practices and where to find valuable information to support your global work.

What information is provided in the newsletter

Each Newsletter contains time-based content that aligns with the current projects and workflows that pertain to Global Training.  In the most recent edition of the Newsletter an update regarding Global Training Site enhancements was announced, as wells as, information on Training Productization Plans that were previously unavailable to the Distributor community.  Additionally, an update on participation opportunities for Distributors to support the current exam development activities was announced.  Lastly, each Newsletter includes links to social channels and ways to engage with Esri Training Services.

How to sign up to receive the newsletter via email

If you are affiliated with a distributorship, then you have been “auto-subscribed” to the newsletter for your convenience.  If you have opted out and need to re-subscribe to the newsletter, you will need to sign into my.esri.com, and click the “My Profile” tab.  Click “Edit Email Settings” and then click “Set your preferences”.  Expand the section titled “digital newsletters” and check the box for “Global Training Program eNewsletter.”

To review previous editions of the newsletter, login to the Global Training Programs site and locate the “Resources” tab.  From there you can access the page titled “Global Training Program Newsletters” to see all previous newsletter and the content shared for each quarter.

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