Esri Certification Program Design FAQs

09-28-2018 03:53 PM

Esri Certification Program Design FAQs

To see recent changes to the program, please view our program design FAQs.  For more information please contact


Why is the program changing?The primary goal of Esri’s certification program is to establish an industry benchmark for Esri platform expertise. By updat-ing our program architecture and implementing changes to our development cycle, we create better alignment with the platform story and the progression of Esri software and products. Our proposed architectural changes, coupled with a predictable development cycle, will allow Esri to continue to operate a high-quality certification program.What software version will the exams focus on?Since our exams cover a range of topics and technology, we will no longer have exams focused on a single version or software release. Esri provides a detailed exam information guide for each of our offerings that includes a list of all technology and software versions as it pertains to each exam. We are currently shifting our exams to a time-based development cycle to further delineate from a specific version; which will also give longevity to certifications earned and allow for candidates to effectively map their professional development goals.

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