Esri Academy Training and Certification Records

06-04-2021 02:26 PM
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Graduation, job change, job change again – there are many reasons that you might have multiple free or subscription-based ArcGIS accounts.  And, although your Training and Certification records follow the individual, the records can still get mixed up if a user has multiple accounts.  To ensure your records are accurate, it's important to determine if you have multiple accounts, and if so, combine them and elect a primary account to house your Esri Academy Training and Certification records. 

What do I get with my ArcGIS account? 

Depending on the type of account, you will have access to make maps, analyze data, and share your maps.  With a public account, you will have access to Training and Certification records, My Esri, and Esri Community, formerly GeoNet, as well as limited access to ArcGIS Online.  With an organizational account, an administrator will grant specific access points to URLs and ArcGIS functionality.  When your learning path or career takes you to another intuition or a new role, you will want to ensure your My Academy Training and Certification records go with you. 

How to retain your Esri Academy Training and Certification records? 

The first thing you will need in order to retain your Esri Academy Training and Certification records is a free ArcGIS public account.  You may already have one, but if you do not, you will need to create one.  The process is simple and only requires an email address to get started.  Click the link to create a public account and follow the steps to create your account (

ArcGIS Public Account.jpg


Do you have multiple ArcGIS accounts? 

To ensure you can access your Esri Academy Training and Certification records through one access point, you will need to verify if you have multiple accounts.  You can do so by using the “forgot username” function on the ArcGIS sign-in page.  You will enter your email address and a notification will be sent to you with all your public and organizational accounts associated with that address.  If you have multiple email addresses, the process can be repeated to ensure all your accounts are located. 

For more information on keeping track of your ArcGIS accounts, read A Users Guide to ArcGIS Accounts, in Esri Community. 

Combining ArcGIS accounts and electing a primary username. 

Combining your accounts and electing a primary account is important to ensure your achievements are recorded and your history is accurately reported.  Once you have verified your status and determined you have multiple accounts, you need to elect one username to use as your primary account.  Your primary account will be where your records report on your My Esri dashboard and Training and Certification history. 

A quick email to the Esri Accounts Team to move all your training records to your primary account will complete the process.  You will need to outline the following information: name, primary username, additional usernames, and a request to combine all known accounts.  Once completed, your records will be in one location and will report across all Esri systems under your primary username. 

For more information on saving your Esri Academy Training and Certification history, read Learn ArcGIS: How to transfer content to your next account. 

A best practice is to maintain one ArcGIS public account throughout your career to ensure that your learning and achievements are recognized and reported.  If you need follow-up support to verify accounts or combine multiple accounts, contact 

 Good luck on your Training and Certification journey!