Learn to Develop ArcGIS Applications with Esri Hackerlabs in 3 Steps: Data, Design, Develop

04-01-2016 02:10 PM
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The Esri Startup & GeoDev teams provided a developer tailored three-part Esri HackerLab webinar series; Data, Design, and Develop. The three webinars were delivered in an interactive format, where attendees learn how easy it is to build map apps on the ArcGIS platform. Below, you can view each recording.

Each session is designed as a building block for you to put together. Together the entire series will help you understand how to build applications using geospatial technology. Completing all three sessions is highly encouraged. In these sessions,

  • Data illustrates how to import data quickly, geo-enable data, and perform advanced spatial analyses in the cloud
  • Design helps you learn how to style maps and layers and prepare them for use in map apps
  • Develop focuses how to build different web map applications using templates, builders and ArcGIS JS APIs

You can find the GeoDev Hackerlab tutorials here: https://github.com/Esri/geodev-hackerlabs and watch the recordings included below while running through the three-part exercises at your own pace. Note, running through some of these exercises may use credits against your ArcGIS for Developer plan or ArcGIS Online subscription.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Login with an existing or sign up for a free ArcGIS Developer subscription. Your subscription allows you to download software, register apps, import data, create new services, store maps, perform spatial analysis and more. If you already have an or ArcGIS Online Organizational subscription you can use that too, but please note that free public accounts will not work.
  2. Start the labs - You can complete the labs in order or just pick and choose the ones you want to do. It will be easiest to use the data provided (Portland open data), but you feel free to substitute with your own data and augment the steps where necessary.
  3. Share your work - This is 100% optional, but as you are going through, feel free to share your work with others in this ArcGIS Online group!

View the recordings:

  • Data – Part 1: View the Recording This data-centric session will have a special focus on data for applications. Learn to search, find, connect to, import, edit, collect, convert, perform analyses, and host datasets and web services.
  • Design – Part 2: View the Recording This design-centric session will assist you to create web maps tailored to the needs of your end users using layer selection, thematic rendering, popups, and more.
  • Develop – Part 3: View the Recording This develop centric session will educate you on building customized apps with or without code, using web app templates, app builders, the ArcGIS API for JavaScript along with other web libraries and tools.

Whether you are a novice or advanced, we hope you enjoy learning how to build maps and apps for the web, using ArcGIS and other technologies. The tutorials let you choose your own learning path. If you need assistance, check out our documentation or contact Esri Technical Support, support.esri.com.

Esri Startup & GeoDev Team

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