Transform Your Vector Control Strategy [Webinar] - Q & A's

07-01-2016 01:45 PM

Transform Your Vector Control Strategy [Webinar] - Q & A's

Below you will find the questions and answers from the webinar, Transform Your Vector Control Strategy:

Q: What measures are in place to ensure data security?

A: At Esri we take security very seriously, we developed a central location where you can find all the information related to the security of our various products (  If you check the Compliance section ( you get details on all our certifications and related initiatives. You can get specific information on the security of ArcGIS Online, Esri’s cloud-based mapping platform, at All the applications you saw in the webinar included as part of the solution are housed in ArcGIS Online, although many of them could be housed in your on-premise ArcGIS Server and Portal for ArcGIS implementation (

Q: Could you please send the links you've shown via email after the webinar is over?

A: The applications shown during the demonstration are examples of how we have configured our existing applications and templates to address an Integrated Vector Control Workflow. Here is a link to a public Story Map that walks through the same type of demonstration (  Here are some other links mentioned or shown in the webinar:

Q: Can the user download and keep their own data? Do we have access to our data if we discontinue our use of ESRI products at the end of a season?

A: Your data can be accessed from ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Pro or other compatible tools and packages. It can also be downloaded at any time in a number of different formats. The offering includes term licenses for ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Desktop that need to be renewed annually.

Q: Will this presentation be available to view later through a link or anything? I believe there are many other people in my organization that may want to see this?

A: Everybody attending the recording will also have access to the webinar link.

Q: Is the module that Jared is using right now available to ESRI customers? Cost?

A: Not sure which module was being presented when this question was submitted but everything is available in our packaged offering, visit the offering page for more details (  If you have an existing ArcGIS Online account you already have access to all the templates and applications presented (except Navigator which has an additional cost that is bundled into the offering), they just need to be configured for this workflow which is included in the implementation.

Q: Can this be applied to other type of vectors and vermin, including rodents?

A: Yes, the workflow and solution could be applied to any vector and vermin.

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