Announcing GISsurfer v 2.0 - A GIS friendly web map

03-05-2020 02:40 PM
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GISsurfer is a general purpose web map based on the free open-source Leaflet map API. Typical web map features such as search, geolocation and saving custom map links are included. In addition, GISsurfer can display data from *any* public-facing (i.e. no login required) ArcGIS server.

Here is a jpg of the interface showing a split screen. The table of contents for an ArcGIS server is on the left and the map is on the right. Click a layer that has a checkbox and that data appears on the map.

Open GISsurfer map:

For documentation see the GISsurfer hompage: (you will be redirected)

Also, here is a list of 3,500+ USA-based ArcGIS server addresses that I curate. The address links range from the federal level down to the local level. All links are scanned by my code once per week and any bad links are either fixed or flagged. An updated list is usually posted every Wednesday.

I am always ready to answer questions and talk maps.

Joseph Elfelt

Redmond, WA

Twitter: @mappingsupport