Tile Package Kreator - Invalid Client_id when connecting to Enterprise Portal

07-04-2018 07:37 PM
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Is there something I need to configure/register on my Portal end? when I add my Portal to Tile Package Kreator I get an invalid client_ID error from the sign in page.


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You do need to add tile Package Kreator as a registered app on your portal. The steps are the same as are described for Survey123 here How To: Add Survey123 for ArcGIS as a registered application to Portal for ArcGIS 10.3.1. The difference is the app id and that you would need to do it for any version of portal (Survey123 is automatically available for portals 1.4 and newer).

Below i have extracted the key steps from the KB article linked above, and inserted the Tile Package Kreator app id.

A. Add and share the Tile Package Kreator app

  1. Open the ArcGIS Portal Directory sharing application and login as a member with administrative privileges. The URL format is:
  1. Navigate to the administrative user’s content
  1. Under Supported Operations, choose Add Item.
  2. In the Add Item form, enter:
  • Title: Tile Package Kreator
  • Type: Application
  • Type Keywords: Application
  • Tags: tilepackagekreator
  1. Click Add Item.
  2. On the User Item page, under Supported Operations, click Share Item.
  3. On the Share Item page, set Share with Everyone to True.
  4. Click Share Item.

B. Register the Tile Package Kreator app

  1. On the User Item page, select and copy the ID value.
  2. Under Related Operations, click Register App.
  3. On the Register App page, enter:
  • Item ID: This is the ID copied in Section B, step 1.
  • App Type: Select multiple from the dropdown
  • Redirect URIs: Enter ["urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob"] - This value allows the successful authentication response to be sent to the portal URL. Be sure it copy/paste the whole thing, including the square brackets. You will get an error if you dont.
  1. Click Register App. The Registered App page displays the App ID.
  2. On the Registered App page, copy the App ID value.

C. Change the Tile Package Kreator App ID

  1. Open the ArcGIS Portal Directory admin application and login as a member with administrative privileges. The URL format is:
  1. Navigate to Home > Security> OAuth > Change App ID.
  2. On the Change App ID page, enter:
  • Current App ID: This is the App ID copied in step 5, Section B.
  • New App ID: Enter qX6liWtssLPP0sif
  1. Click Change App ID.
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