Is there a list about ESRI contributions/mentions/credits/softwares in movies? Not only CityEngine, but ESRI in generic.

03-13-2019 11:38 AM
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I’ve made a fast IMDb search and I found Designated Survivor, Sea of Hope, Conviction; but there are no hits for the well-knowns like Zootopia and Blade Runner.

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Hi Akos,

I'm not aware of any definitive list, but I wanted to add one more TV show credit, the CBS show The District.

GIS on The District on Vimeo 

Hope this helps,

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and add Bar Rescue to this list; see ArcGIS Hub - Bar Rescue: Cities Saved; 

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Hi folks,

Here is my collection of ESRI contributions/credits/thanks is movies & TV shows:

TitleUsed SoftwareIMDb linkSource of the information
Cars 2CityEngine
Total RecallCityEngine
Man of SteelCityEngine
Mega Cities: KaohsiungCityEngine
Independence Day: ResurgenceCityEngine

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Big Hero 6CityEngine
Blade Runner 2049CityEngine
Sea of HopeUnknown
Designated Survivor (3 episodes)Unknown
Nova (1 episode)Unknown
Conviction (1 episode)Unknown;
The DistrictArcView (Thanks to Derek Law)
Bar RescueUnknown; (Thanks to Denise King)

I think, this list is not complete at all. Feel free to correct/extend it!

Ákos Halmai