Verify Geoportal Tables Were Generated Correctly

09-03-2012 03:06 PM
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I am in the process of setting up a Geoportal Server and have some questions (as this is my first attempt at anything like this).

Following an article on How to Set Up an Esri Geoportal Server published last year I am attempting to set up a demo GeoPortal Server on my Windows 7 laptop. There have been updates to all the required software mentioned in the article and I have chosen to download/install the newest versions of the following software (rather than locating and installing the previous version mentioned): Esri Geoportal Server, PostgreSQl, Apache Tomcat, JDK with Runtime, JDBC Config file.

I get through the steps OK until I am asked to verify that the Geoportal Tables Were Generated Correctly. My 'tables' folder (as seen in pgAdmin III are empty). This makes me think that I made an error in the previous steps to Populate the Geoportal Schema in PostgreSQL. I go back and redo the steps but find no difference. In fact, I uninstalled everything and reinstalled everything and get the same error.

So my questions are....

  • If I use the step by step guide, should I use the download versions mentioned in How to Set Up an Esri Geoportal Server?

  • If not, can someone please help me generate the Geoportal Tables correctly?

  • Or, am I asking the wrong questions entirely? Is there something fundamental that I am missing here?

Please help...
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The steps in the "How to Set Up an Esri Geoportal Server" article should still be valid, but you should download and install the latest version of geoportal (1.2.2) instead, the following link contain more recent information for the new version including software requirements and installation guide.

I attached a screenshot how the database will look like after installation.


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Thanks for the reply. As an FYI, I am attaching a screenshot to show what my Tables folder looks like after completing the installation.

I started reading through the documentation for the 1.2.2 release and noticed the list of supported operating systems does not include Windows 7 Home Premium (which I am using). My intent is to get this working on my own (non work) computer first (to demonstrate proof of concept) and then present the pros/cons of using Geoportal to others.

Has anyone been able to get Geoportal to work on Windows 7 Home Premium? Is it possible that this is the reason my tables do not generate correctly? The How to Set Up an Esri Geoportal Server article does not mention the requirement for Windows 7 Ultimate, Professional edition.

I'd appreciate any advice.
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I didn't try on Windows 7 Home premium before thus not sure.

From the screenshot, I see it created the schema name "geoportal", does it create the login role as well, if it does, the first command might have run successfully.

also did grants_pg.txt and Geoportal_Schema.txt report report any error after running the commands?

following are example of command:
grants_pg localhost 5432 postgres geoportal postgres geoportal
create_schema_pg localhost 5432 postgres geoportal

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I am attempting the same thing.  I have the Geoportal up and running.  Also, ran into the tables being none.  So I went on.  However,  I have no administrator tab on the Geoportal page.
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First of all, I've updated the How to Set Up an Esri Geoportal Server article for version 1.2.2 and it should be published as a whitepaper soon. I got 1.2.2 to work with PostgreSQL 9.1.5, Apache Tomcat 7.0.29, Java SE 7 Update 05 JDK (however, Java 7 is not officially supported), and JDBC Config file postgresql-9.1-902.jdbc4.jar. I'll post a link to the whitepaper in this thread when it's available.

Having no tables in the geoportal schema most likely means that the create_schema_pg command didn't run successfully. If you entered the command correctly, then you may be running into permission issues. Fortunately, the scripts generate logs that can help us find out what went wrong.

The log files (Geoportal_schema.txt and grants_pg.txt) are located in the same folder as the scripts themselves, which, if you followed the ArcUser article instructions, are located in C:\geoportal\Database Scripts\PostgreSQL\. If you would please post those files I'll take a look and see if I can spot what's going on.

Also, PostgreSQL generates its own logs that may be useful. In the default installation, they're located in C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.1\data\pg_log\. You'll probably have a lot of .log files in this folder; the one you want is most likely the one with the largest file size. For example, mine is 8 KB while most of the other were only 2 KB.

The lack of the Administrator tab could be caused by a lot of things, including the missing tables in PostgreSQL. Here are some possibilities:
[INDENT]Not being logged into the geoportal[/INDENT]
[INDENT]ldapAdapter section not fully commented out in the gpt.xml file[/INDENT]
[INDENT]Typos in the geoportal.xml file[/INDENT]

Note: the ldapAdapter section of the gpt.xml file in 1.2.2 has two commented sections in it, whereas 1.1.1 and earlier only had one. Both these sections needed to be uncommented for the whole ldapAdapter section to be commented out correctly.

I hope this helps!
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