Search data and approve through web not working

02-10-2012 07:22 AM
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Over the past 2 days I have been configuring Geoportal server. I have installed Geoportal 1.2, Apache 6.0.35, using Oracle on Windows Server 2008 R2.

I bailed out on the LDAP configuration (I am a newbie to Apache and LDAP...I kept getting code 34 errors) and opted for simple authentication to test the geoportal out before spending any more time learning LDAP.

The installation is currently running; I can log in, upload metadata (from disk and ArcGIS Server network resources) and the resources are making it into the database. Everything is viewable from the administration page. I have uploaded a local metadata file (from the BTS NTAD airports layer), and two ArcGIS server resources.

However, there are two issues:

1. The search is not working. I was able to change the resources from "posted" to "approved," and they still don't show up in a search (the airports metadata is returned after a blank search, but not the ArcGIS Services).
2. There was not much documentation about the download data configuration, specifically the taskurl...I would like to enable that and have an ArcGIS Server I could use, but could someone tell me the format of this url resource?

Thanks for any guidance you can provide, it is greatly appreciated!
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I noticed your were able to set up the geoportal server with a very similar set up that I am trying to deploy.  I was wondering if you created the tablespace/schema using SQL scripts or adding these through the enterprise manager for Oracle.  The only other documentation I've found so far for using Oracle with Geoportal Server is for version 1.0 and on a Linux OS.  Any help or hints for this would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Tom,

I used the Oracle database scripts and they worked great. I ended up getting past this issue by going through the installation one more time, double and triple-checking every step. So I am not sure what was causing the original issue I encountered.

In the end, I was unsuccessful in getting the full security/authentication to work right. The portal worked and the database communicated with it well too, but only for the admin and users....creating new users failed because I couldn't figure out how to let the directory server verify the strength of the password (in plain text). The directory server interface was too difficult to learn (I am used to IIS) and I couldn't get past this last hurdle before I had to go "spin other plates." I hope to get back to it when I catch up on my current work.

Let me know if you have any other questions, I would be happy to share my experience.

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(assuming your records are set to "approved")

Have you looked through the log file for errors?  (/logs/gpt.yyyy-mm-dd.log) 

Are you able to go to the Administration page and "View Metadata" (button) of a record?  If that displays good metadata then the XML content is getting in to your database.

If I understand, nothing shows up in a Search?  Did you set the path to the lucene index?  I ask because Search and Search Results hits the Lucene index first and only hits the database when you request the Details or Metadata from the record.  So if you are seeing a problem with Search Results, and not with the View Metadata from the Administration page, it could likely be an issue with the Lucene configuration.
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Maybe it's something simple like creating a folder for the search index.

See gpt.xml

<!-- Lucene configuration.
- indexLocation: path to the folder that will hold indexed documents
(e.g. c:/geoportal/lucene-index/catalog1)

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