List of Keywords (look up table for ISO Topic Category)?

01-05-2013 03:03 PM
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I am looking for a list of keywords in metadata that work under ISO Topic Category. I found some listed in the file, It has an "Example of Keyword Look Up Table" for example, one can see that under Administrative and Political Boundaries that the keywords "boundaries" and "legislative districts" and "city" will work, among other keywords.

I do want to make sure I am not missing any keywords in my metadata files that would work with the ISO Topic Category. Is there a comprehensive list of keywords or is what is shown in the file under "lookup table example" everything? That it is called a "lookup table example" makes me wonder if it is not showing all of the keywords. I need to find a complete list of ISO keywords that will work as-is in the Geoportal.
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Add your own keywords from your metadata to the file in the ISO category you want each layer to be shown.
In my metadata the layers used by the planners has the keyword 'planning'. So I added the word "planning" to the appropriate line for keyword search:

catalog.harvest.lookup.keywords.planningCadastre            =planningCadastre: planning, parcel, parcels, ownership, public land ownership, PLS, public land survey, section;
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You can find a comprehensive list of ISO Topic Category keywords here: and here:
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