Geoportal 9.3.1 Content Types

09-22-2010 06:09 PM
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Is there any documentation that describes Geoportal Extension 9.3.1 logic behind assigning content type icons to the search results display - i.e. what is the Geoportal looking for in the metadata content to determine the content type.

Does such documentation exist? (Marten)

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......This may be what you are looking for....
I found the information I needed about Content Types from the following source:
Geospatial One Stop, Frequently Asked Questions.

Use one of the standard Content Type domain values from the following list.
     - Live Data and Maps
     - Downloadable Data
     - Offline Data
     - Other Documents
     - Static Map Images
     - Applications
     - Geographic Services
     - Clearinghouses
     - Map Files
     - Geographic Activities

Content Types definitions:
     - Live Data and Maps - GIS users can access "live" data and maps, such as ArcIMS or Web Map Server (WMS) map services, using software tools such as ArcGIS, ArcExplorer-Java Edition, or ArcExplorer Web available on this site.
     - Downloadable Data - Data downloads enable you to perform custom downloads of digital data you are viewing to access locally with GIS software. Visit the Free Viewers page for a list of free GIS data viewers.
     - Offline Data - Many publishers offer data that can be ordered online and delivered in CD or DVD format or as other shippable media. This data cannot be directly downloaded to your computer.
     - Documents - Several types of documents are available on including:
          o Map files - digital maps that can be viewed in a GIS mapping application. Map files are typically completed maps that are ready for viewing, publishing, and printing.
          o Static Maps - You cannot directly interact with static map images as you can with dynamic data and maps. You can view them and download them to your computer.
          o Other Documents - includes geographic information stored in text files, spreadsheets, or other formats and can be used in conjunction with geographic data. In many cases, they can be viewed and downloaded.
     - Applications - An online application is built using content, map services, or other Internet-hosted data. The application includes a complete user interface and set of geographic content needed to perform one or more tasks in a Web browser.
     - Geographic Services - Geographic services are Internet applications with a geographic focus-using data and related functionality to perform basic geoprocessing tasks such as place name searches, address matching, or routing.
     - Clearinghouses - A clearinghouse is a Web site that contains references and links to a variety of free geographic data. Many clearinghouses offer geographic data for download while other sites include metadata references or links to datasets that may be acquired through other mechanisms.
     - Planned Data Activities - Planned Data Activities show what people are doing, what data they need (Marketplace Data Requests) and what data collection activities they have planned (Marketplace Planned Acquisitions).

......This is what I use to create the proper icon display in the search results, by populating the /Distribution/Resource Description/ with "Content Type" in the metadata.
...~Hope this helps.
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The documentation describing how content type is used in the geoportal is distributed in various places in the web help.  One place to start is and look at the description for Result Icon.  For a more comprehensive listing, have a look through the search results for the keyword "contentType" (

If you are experiencing a situation where you think the Result Icon on the search results page is not showing the right icon and content type, then fixing the situation will be dependent on the metadata standard. 

The geoportal index uses the meaning "contentType" to determine the content type.  Each metadata standard has different XPaths to the contentType element. 

So once you determine which metadata standard your document is using, then look at the -definition.xml file (and/or -indexables.xml file, at 10) associated with that metadata standard (in webapps/geoportal/web-inf/classes/gpt/metadata) and search for the term 'contentType' so you can verify the XPath that the geoportal will use to determine the content type.  The next thing to do will be to inspect your metadata document for that XPath element and check if it is correctly filled out.

Good luck! 
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