Ideas for SCADA and GIS integration!

06-03-2019 09:45 PM
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Hello guys!

I have been actively working in the field of Utility Mapping in the GIS. Till date we are involved in simply mapping equipment and lines in the utility. However, we would like to take our project forward by integrating the SCADA which stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition software with the GIS. While GIS provides spatial view of the network, the SCADA gives the real time parameters like voltage, current, water or gas flow readings in the network. 

As this is a case of integrating 2 softwares, I would like to get help and advice from people working in this field and IT guys as well on how to get started with this integration. One of the questions to start our discussion would be what kind of data does SCADA give as output and what input data format does GIS or ArcMap allow from other softwares when we are integrating the two for spatial viewing.

Ideas from all of you are welcome!

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I was part of one of the project on integrating SCADA with GIS. Please see below link for more details. Hope this might give you some idea. 


Nikhil Sastikar

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Use MultiSpeak to handle data between the 2 software?

We've had a couple of clients start going down this road in the past but then decided against it.

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Hi sure.. there is a great work.. done between ESRI and OSISoft , they developed the

PI Integrator , you can check it up on esri or the home page of OSIsoft..

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