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10-15-2015 05:20 AM
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I am trying to figure out why in the UPDM that some inspections, such as the Regulator Inspection and Valve Inspections,are point features and not a related table.  I can not make sense of it. 

What are the benefits of them being point features over a related table?  It seems like it would make more sense for the regulators to be point features and the inspections to be a related table. 

We are in the process of moving a lot of our inspections to ipads via the ESRI collector app and I want to make sure we have the best back end database set up before proceeding.

Thanks for any help or thoughts.


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Kathleen Stack​ can you help with this?

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This subject came up at the UPDM presentation at the 2015 EGUG Conference. I did not note why they chose to do this as it did not directly relate to my interest, but I do recall there had been some specific reasons. Tom Coolidge at ESRI might be your best resource to get a clear answer on this matter.

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