Supporting Geography Week at a Primary School in the UK

02-05-2019 01:13 AM
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As a part of our GIS Day initiatives here at Wigan Council we made an offer to the Geography teacher’s network in order to share our knowledge and skills in some way.

This has now resulted in an invitation to be involved in a Geography Week being held at a local primary school in June 2019. They are part of a Federation Academy with links to three other primary schools and I am being asked what age and programmes I will be able to offer.

The theme for the week is mapping skills with a focus on the local environment, although Year 6 are currently in London and so will be using their mapping skills whilst down there! So far none of the children have used GIS.

Has any GIS professional got any experience of doing something similar and if so what ages and what programmes were you able to offer? Also can anyone suggest any classroom resources that I can use specific for primary school children aged from 5 to 11?

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