Seeking Tips for Setting up a GIS Training Class

04-08-2017 08:23 AM
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Hello! I've been tasked with creating a dedicated space for ArcGIS training workshops here in San Francisco. While I have many ideas for venues that can be rented, I'm really at "square one" when it comes to the technology side of making this happen. 

I would very much welcome some pearls of wisdom from the Esri community.

In very broad terms, as long as the venue has excellent Internet service and a projector, I believe that there are four basic options:

1. The venue already has a space set up with computers that I use to pre-load ArcGIS before class starts. (I'm unlikely to find such a space) Students could download data via a shared Google folder.

2. Students bring their own laptops and access ArcGIS remotely via virtual desktop (e.g. Amazon cloud services) Potential challenge: dealing with laptops of many different configurations/operating systems/ages/speeds......

3. Students bring their own laptops with ArcGIS pre-loaded, then use the local installation for class exercises. Similar challenges to above, but at least students take care of the prep work of installing software before class starts.

4. I rent laptops and students use those to access ArcGIS remotely via virtual desktop. They don't take the laptops home at the end of each class and continue work at home on their own device. Challenge: rental cost, but at least I'd have some measure of consistency across devices.


1. If you were in my shoes, which of the four options above would you pursue?

2. Can anyone direct me to resources that explain how to set up ArcGIS via remote desktop? I should mention that my nonprofit organization does have access to ArcGIS Server and 150 licenses of ArcGIS Desktop.

Thank you very much, GIS community!

 - Rick

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Sir!  Would this Core Tenets of GIS in Education be of help?   It focuses on conducting professional development events in GIS - hardware, software, approaches, space, and more:

--Joseph Kerski

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This is a very informative document.  Thanks for posting it.

Chris Donohue, GISP

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