NetCDF to raster with undefined spatial reference

02-04-2021 08:32 PM
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I was trying to import a ".nc" file to raster but found the spatial reference was undefined. It was very small after exported to raster. The .uc file comes with a file description as follows but I just don't understand how to make the right projection defined. Stucked on this for days searching the internet but most posts did work. Here are the steps I tried:


the spatial reference info after making raster


Here is nc doc information:

The Chinese air quality reanalysis dataset (CAQRA) version 1.0 (June 1, 2020)
(DOI: 10.5194/essd-2020-100)

This is a description on the content of each NC file.

1 The timezone is Beijing time;

2 Each NC file defines three dimensions, that is the west-east denoting the longitude, south-north denoting the latitude and bottom-up denoting the vertical level.

3 The modeling domain used the lambert conformal projection with a horizontal resolution of 15km, and the total size of the model grid is 432 in longitude x 339 in latitude x 1 in vertical level. The parameters that define the projection are listed as follows:
1) true latitude: 25 oN and 40 oN
2) standard longitude : 105 oE

4 Each NC file contains 13 variables, which are listed as followed:
1) u (x-wind component)
2) v (y-wind component)
3) temp (surface temperature)
4) rh (surface relative humidity)
5) psfc (surface pressure)
6) pm25 concentrations
7) pm10 concentrations
😎 so2 concentrations
9) no2 concentrations
10) co concentrations
11) o3 concentrations
12) lat2d ( latitude of each model grid)
13) lon2d (longitude of each model grid)

Thank you so much.

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