Issue with Solar Calculation and Projection

03-29-2017 01:48 PM
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Hi all,

I am using this example to my project:

Explore Solar Radiation | ArcGIS for Local Government 

I have a layer of 3D Buildings as shown in the image:


When I applied the Calculation of the Solar Radiation on these Buildings Roofs, I found that the calculation is shown ONLY on the right 3d Building, whereas the middle and the left buildings are not calculated. Like this image:


Then, I suggested to myself to select these two buildings ONLY  and process the calculation of solar radiation to detect where is the problem. I did, but the result was not shown. Then I zoomed to the resulted layer, and found that these two 3D buildings are on Canada map, as shown in this image.

I really surprising why this happened! 

All of the 3D Buildings are in one layer as I mentioned earlier.

Is there any suggestion or solution why this problem occur in my work?

Appreciate  your helps.


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Can you provide the extent values and whatever other information exists for these data.  Not only are they in Canada, the basemap seems to be reversed and/or you are looking upwards through the basemap surface

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Hi Dan_Patterson

Thank you for your reply.

This is the attribute table of the 3D Buildings (without applying the Calculation of Solar Radiation)

This is the attribute table of the solar radiation calculation. There is no data relate to the position or projection.

This is the properties of the 3D Buildings:

This is the properties of the two buildings over Canada.

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Dear Dan Patterson

If you need any further details, please let me know so I can provide it for you.

I have attached you the layer of the 3D Buildings

3D Buildings 

Appreciate your helps.

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