Hello, it’s a beautiful day! My name is John Morrison

08-26-2020 02:51 AM
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Hello, it’s a beautiful day! My name is John Morrison

I am an Access to Higher Education Diploma in Science graduate here in the UK ( it’s a pre-degree course for individuals who want to study an Honours degree at university). My major subjects were Chemistry, Biology, and Statistical & Mathematical Methods. I have been accepted to study a BSc Honours degree in Geography as a mature student. I’m an amateur entomologist specifically butterflies ( Lepidoptera), and bumblebees ( melittology) and am an award-winning landscape photographer, and it is through my photography and storytelling that I have decided to return to study my favourite subject - Geography!

I am in the process of researching which laptop is best for both GiS and Data Science, as I want to learn ArcGis, data analytics, python, geospatial analysis, and lots more. It’s a fantastic gift, the gift of never stop learning!

favourite place on earth:

Latitude: 52.1292° or 52° 7' 45.1" north Longitude: -9.971° or 9° 58' 15.4" west  

thanks esri!‌

telling your story‌

journey mapping‌


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Hi John

If you haven't seen it, you may find the tech spec pages for ArcGIS Pro useful https://pro.arcgis.com/en/pro-app/get-started/arcgis-pro-system-requirements.htm


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